Draminski Products

We are the largest distributor of Draminski products in the USA. DRAMINSKI offers serious breeders the most advanced breeding systems. For Vets we offer the best portable scanners in the field today. For those in the field of Agricultrue we have the most modern thermostats, moisture detectors & PH meters. DRAMINSKI offers serious dog breeders the most advanced breeding systems in the world.

Full line of Draminski Products


Product Description

DRAMINSKI Products for dog breeders are high-tech diagnostic devices, extremely helpful for professional dog breeders.
Ovulation detectors and ultrasound pregnancy scanners allows real savings associated with mating and reproduction.
Diagnostic equipment by DRAMINSKI is dedicated for breeders around the World. DRAMINSKI company has gained customer satisfaction over many years of active operation in the world-wide market.

For Breeders

Draminski offers breeders a full line of the best ovulation detectors, pregnancy detectors and ultrasound scanners. Our products help the serious breeder to avoid:
Expensive Wasted Stud Fees,
Unnecessary Blood Tests,
High Vet Bills,
Wasted Time & Effort,
Fuel Costs for travelling to the stud dog for multiple or repeat matings.

For Vets

Draminski has the best selling portable ultrasound scanners, estrous detectors, mastitis detectors, and pregnancy detectors for use in the field or vet office.

For Agriculture

Draminski has a full line of the most advanced moisture detectors, PH meters, and thermometers to help maintain save levels of moisture in hay and grain storage areas.

For Livestock

Draminski estrous detectors, pregnancy detectors, and scanners are must have tools in the care of breeding stock


There is a 3 year warranty for DRAMINSKI equipment. We provide rapid service during as well as after warranty period. Our customers are entitled to upgrades available to their equipment. We guarantee service repairs within a maximum of 14 days.